Review: Honeyfitz, “Old Patterns”


Honeyfitz “Old Patterns” June 2017
RIYL: Told Slant, The Wave Pictures, Beat Happening

The Internet tells me Honeyfitz is Elihu Jones. After emailing about booking, the head of the label I’m on (Sounds & Tones Records) forwarded me the link; I listened, then the FB algorithm kept showing me Honeyfitz content. (My best guesses as a social media manager: We both make indie rock in Western Mass, and we both played shows at Blank Slate Elyria this summer.)

This is a great summertime record. It throws back in all the right ways. It touches me in all the right ways. It’s got some great, straightforward, feel-good guitar work. It doesn’t feel overthought in the way so much fresh music does to me these days; this is obviously a person with a message and a voice and something real and authentic to communicate. Oh, thank god.

Also, lyrically, this is very strong. Honeyfitz clearly understands brevity, understands the weight of using few words and some sound to paint a clear picture. I love the naked simplicity of “October Air”: “The nighttime is colder now/and it’s harder to take care/all the smokers and joggers/breathe deeply in the cold October air.” That feels exactly like early fall, with so little decoration.

My one lyrical criticism is that the world is bigger than waiting and ennui and process and one’s own personal growing, and you can find some grace and thankfulness in the gray areas if you look hard enough…but I don’t really give a shit in this instance. You get a wider lens as an artist as you grow and age. And personal experience is still a worthy muse or way to work through something or way to fuel one’s art, of course. 

Regardless, I feel a bit kindred with this, and highly recommend it.

–Francesca Shanks

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