You can still donate to make this all-ages space happen in Boston

DIY spaces are important. Yeah, yeah, we know, preaching to the choir here. And what a beautiful choir of bohemian lovelies you are.

Though Boston Hassle’s Kickstarter has met its deadline, you can still donate to help the group reach its $25K goal. This is a worthy cause. And as MA residents we’re kind of sick of hearing other Eastern Seaboard cities shrugging on the Boston scene.

From the Kickstarter:

“Greater Boston needs an all-ages community space in order for the region’s creative possibilities to be fulfilled. We need a venue that is safe, sustainable and does not stymie innovation. The Boston Hassle brings 15+ years of arts programming, and community building experience to the table and we are determined to actualize a space to house our programming as well as the programming of like minded organizations and individuals in the Boston area. Help us make this all real! Donate!”

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