First of all: If you’re interested in working with us, email digitalwheatpaste@gmail.com.

We do previews of shows in the New England/NY/VT area, plug bands we love, write reviews and feature stories, share videos, premiere music, and more. We aim to feature great artists, collectives, etc., who exemplify DIY values, while also helping promote amazing music events in our area.

DIY (and DIT=do it together) is a religion for our editorial staff. Most of us grew up in a local music scene. Music and the DIY community means a lot to us. We want to celebrate it, share it, and honor it.

How can I get my thing in DWP?

DWP has staff writers who conduct interviews, do features, preview good shows, and review albums and EPs from bands all over the place. They are:

You can tweet at our writers, but the BEST way to get your record/band/art collective/show/other DIY thing some love and attention is email. Send pitches to digitalwheatpaste@gmail.com.

We try to reply to every email we receive. Reviewers listen to every submission, but we can’t guarantee a review or writeup for everyone.

We (really try to) publish Tues-Fri every week.

Do not send us old records to review. We only want to review new (or new-ish) releases.

Do not send us misogynistic, transphobic music or ANY work that is about diminishing the rights of other human beings. DO NOT SEND US BITTER BREAKUP RECORDS, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. Do not send us cover songs. We only review original music.