We’re Back Baybee

Alright here’s a more formal statement on the intent of DWP moving forward.

First let me say I am excited for the opportunity to build upon what Francesca and others have made DWP up to this point.

However, DWP is going to head in a new direction. The goals are lofty and unrealistic, and burn out is inevitable, but since we only have until 2040 before everything falls apart, it becomes harder to justify not doing the things we want to do.

I want DWP to expand into book reviews, film reviews, long form pieces about the time you got drunk and went to a backyard wrestling match in Toronto, scene reports, literally anything you want to write about, I want to read and publish. Unless it’s MRA, racist, trans-exclusionary, misogynistic BS-no one wants that.

DWP will still stick to it’s music review roots, but I am no longer interested in it being part of the crowd of “stan your friends” cork board websites. Too many music blogs (and bands) are only interested in positive, uncritical reviews. Suddenly, everything is a 10, and if everything is a 10, then 10 becomes the new 0. Now I’m not talking about getting early-Pitchfork mean about reviews, but I am talking about giving critical analysis to as much of the music sent to us as possible.

No one bats an eye when it comes to giving movies, art, or books critical reviews, so why should music be exempt? If we’re all serious artists who want our work taken seriously, then we need to allow our work to be criticized, for better or for worse.

I hope this doesn’t scare off people from sending us their tunes for review, that’s not my intent, but I no longer want “no review = bad review”. If your work needs work, you should know why. Silence is rarely an effective way to communicate.

If you have any questions, if you wanna write for us, or want to send us things for the website, send an email to:


Remember, everything is meaningless and one day all our graves will go unattended.

Colin Vallee

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