As I sit here and reflect on all the years before this current year I think about how Not Different each and every one of them have been and how certain people exhibit the same shitty patterns and behaviors they can’t let go of over and over again, year after year, no matter how many Affirming Resolutions are made. Are they really being made for you or are you just trying to fill a space that is empty for a completely different reason?

At the end of the night on New Years after my friends left I was sitting around with a few people I didn’t really know at all. One of them asked us to go around and say what our favorite song was (lol) and I picked this one. Mine was the only one that was skipped. Initially I was upset about the way that night turned out (specifically Not about the fact my song was skipped, thank u) but ultimately I think of that moment and it speaks for itself – It’s better this way. I’m better off.

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