Spooky Premiere: Foxanne “Queen of the Lost Boys”

DWP is so happy to premiere Foxanne’s new single, “Queen of the Lost Boys,” officially out on Nov. 7, when it will be available on Soundcloud, Spotify, foxanne-music.com, and more.

This Brooklyn indie-folk-pop three-piece builds and releases tension in a beautiful, significant way, and “Queen of the Lost Boys” is a perfect example of that technique. It’s also got a spooky kind of vibe that makes it perfect for a Halloween premiere.”Call me queen of the lost boys…it was me who was lost all along,” echoes softly as cymbals gently crash in the background, guitars building around a voice ready to soar.

“Queen of the Lost Boys” comes as a single ahead of debut EP “halfling,” out soon. The track is inspired by band leader Foxanne’s experience as a woman in the male-dominated worlds of music and science (by day).

The best art takes personal experience and blends it with feeling and fantasy to make something relatable–and Foxanne does this tenderly on “Queen of the Lost Boys.”

You can find out more about Foxanne–and listen and watch, and all that good stuff–at http://www.foxanne-music.com. Their next show is in Brooklyn at Tender Trap.

–Francesca Olsen



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