Premiere: Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band “Bastard” LP


After countless shows, previous bands, and at least one broken table and one broken mic stand, Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band have released their first LP, Bastard, on Sounds and Tones Records today, July 14.

Recorded in their old-Masonic Lodge headquarters in upstate New York, Bastard tells the tale of bastard sons, outlaws, wanderers and wastelands; it’s is a tension-building, guitar solo-ing, straight rock n’ roll record with catchy hooks and room to stomp your feet.

It’s also an excellent lyrical showcase–Mansman’s lyrics are always catchy, and at least a little bit dangerous. “I bred death on a sudden whim, I sowed hate among my kin, but the lord is coming to pay me back my sins,” he sings on “Den of Thieves.”

What you’ll hear on the record is true to life–the band wanted to reflect its true sound, says Mansman: “We recorded it purposely as raw as we could without sacrificing quality…we completely opted out of adding stuff we knew we couldn’t replicate live as a five-piece. We wanted people to hear it like they hear it when they come to a show–big and ridiculous.”

You can preorder the album on Bandcamp or the Sounds & Tones store, and it’ll be available on Spotify, iTunes, and all other digital distributors. 

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